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The Most Stylish Men’s Outerwear Store

Hello everyone. As you know, I live in Izmir. Izmir is one of the warmest cities in Turkey. But this year, for some reason, we are experiencing a very, very cold winter season. As we are accustomed to the mild climate, we always preferred thinner outerwear. Until it gets this cold this year. I did this year’s winter shopping for myself and my daughter, but I needed to buy thick men’s outerwear for my boys as well.

After some research, I discovered an online store with very nice men’s outdoor clothing. Of course, I had to share this wonderful men’s clothing site with you.

It is possible to find clothes for every taste in Myneetry men’s clothing store. Their products are both very high quality, very stylish, and very affordable. If you are in favor of comfort and elegance in outerwear, this is the place for you. The other thing I like about the site is that it gives discount codes from $5 to $30. You can shop with credit card or paypal.

Let’s have a look at some of my Myneetry outerwear shopping, which I chose for my son, shall we?

First of all, I want to show you this jacket, which I think will suit my son very well. Always a valid color and model.

Midweight Original Outdoor Jacket . You can find this model in khaki color from small size to 3xlarge size. Also very comfortable, this model has two chest pockets, two oversized cargo pockets, and even a hidden document pocket with a zipper closure. The inside of the jacket, which is 100% cotton, is made of fleece lining.

And you can machine wash it yourself.


This is another mens outdoor jacket model with 3 color options. Again, like the other model, it has options from small to 3xlarge sizes. This jacket, which is windproof and performs well in waterproofing, especially in rainy weather, is both very cool and comfortable, keeping you dry and warm all day in rainy and windy weather. The stand-up collar with multiple pockets is tactical style and very cool.

Versatile Tactical Pockets Jacket.

My son generally prefers more comfortable and more sports outerwear due to his age. And we could easily find the men’s outerwear in the style we wanted on this online shopping site. You can buy very stylish and comfortable men’s outerwear, whether for young men or for middle-aged men, from this online site with confidence. What else is there in the online store, I will view them separately for you. You can enter and review each of them from the links I leave, and you can also buy them using discount codes. 



A classic British tweed hunting jacket that is resistant to water and oily stains, dust and soil, and provides you both comfort and elegance with long-term protection. This jacket is really extremely durable and has a very good quality. This jacket has additional seams on the shoulders and top of the sleeves for added strength and durability, providing protection in the worst weather conditions.


The waterproof jacket is wind and water resistant and has very good breathability thanks to the membrane and moisture carrying mesh lining. The jacket is also equipped with a practical radio pocket with antenna holder. The jacket has a really light and soft material.



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