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Summer Special Vintage Dresses

Hello to everyone. I’m back with a brand new post. As we enter the summer season, I am preparing lots of new fashion articles for you. Because with the arrival of summer, weddings, engagements, graduation balls and parties begin. I think this is one of the best parts of summer. We can’t do too many fun activities in the winter season. And because of the corona virus, which has spread almost the whole world, we have been confined to more homes. We missed parties, weddings, engagements, graduation ceremonies so much. But thanks to the availability of the vaccine and vaccinations, we are a little more comfortable now. So welcome summer and long live the parties.

Then, let’s continue our article with dresses that are worthy of summer parties and weddings.

What kind of clothing do you like? I love to wear whatever I like. There are times when I change my style to the opposite from time to time. Sometimes I’m more interested in wearing sports, sometimes more classic clothes. I guess it has something to do with my mood.

My daughter likes to wear things a little different than me. She especially prefers retro style clothing. Most of her wardrobe is filled with retro style clothing. And wearing this style suits her very well. And we found a great site for her new retro style clothing for this summer. Zapaka online shopping site has women’s clothing just like my daughter loves. There are so many varieties that I can say we had a hard time choosing. Its quality and variety of models really hooked us.

Thanks to the shopping you will make on the Zapaka website, I am sure that you will impress with the clothes specially prepared for Swedish women.

Zapaka Vintage Klänning Collection

This summer we have received multiple wedding and party invitations to attend with my daughter. Of course, we have to be very stylish at these weddings and parties. These will be the first entertainment we will attend after a huge closure. First, we started shopping for my daughter with vintage klänning dresses from Zapaka online site. Then I will share for you what I look at for myself.

First of all, we liked this model and pattern of Röd 50 Tals Kläder Pläd Swing Vintage Klänning. The model has 2 colors. But we chose this color. It starts from size Xsmall and is available up to size 3xlarge.

Röd 50 Tals Kläder Pläd Swing Vintage Klänning

Another model we like for my daughter is this one. Isn’t it very, very cute? Weightlifting Rockabilly Klänning med Körsbär

The dress has 7 different patterns and colors. We ordered this color and the blue color.

Halter Rockabilly Klänning med Körsbär

And the last model we chose for my daughter is with you. A dress that smells of vintage in every way. Ljusblå blommig swing klänning.

The dress also has white polka dots on red and, on the contrary, red polka dots on white. This dress is very stylish, we loved it.

Ljusblå blommig swing klänning

I chose the current model for myself. Let’s see together.

I loved the color of the dress and especially the collar detail. Of course, that’s why I chose it. Grön Pläd Swing

Grön Pläd Swing Vintage 50 Tals Kläder Klänning

Zapaka 50 Tals Klanning Collections

There are also dresses from the 50s on the Zapaka online shopping site. If you also like 50 tals klänning, the current models will be just right for you. I especially preferred to choose from these models for myself. Because I especially love to use the models of the 50s. It has a different atmosphere and makes me look more stylish.

I told you that we have been invited to many weddings and parties this summer. After a long time of closure, I think everyone is in a rush for the wedding engagement party because of the ban this summer. Do you have more than one wedding organization? I can hear you saying yes. Our first wedding invitation is to my daughter’s friend from college. One of his closest friends. And my daughter pays more attention than ever to her dress for this wedding organization. Of course, being the best friend means being like a sister somewhere. Even if not as much as the bride, it is important that the most stylish person after the bride is my daughter. There are so many models on the Zapaka online shopping site that we spent hours choosing them. Because they all look so stylish that when you visit the site, believe us, you will agree with us. First of all, we have prepared a long list for ourselves. Then, we gradually completed our selections as a result of the eliminations. But we did not neglect to take note of other models to be taken later.

We chose this model for my daughter to wear at her wedding. I’m sure it will suit her very well. Off Shoulder Rod Prickig 50 Tals Kläder

Off Shoulder Röd Prickig 50 Tals Kläder

Here is the model I chose for myself. I think everyone will be jealous of me with this Zapaka model. Prickig Weightlifting Hög-Låg Vintage Klänning. The model also has a blue color.

Prickig Halter Hög-Låg Vintage Klänning

I invite you to a visual feast with other models.

Vintage Bla Prickig 50 Tals Klader

Mörkgron 50 Tals Swing klänning

Gul Prickig Vintage Klanning

How did you like the models I chose for you? My advice to you will be to take a look at the Zapaka site. You will find great clothes for every style, every size and every budget. If you liked my post, share it on social media. See you in my next article, stay with love. See you.


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