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Glue on false eyelashes: instructions step by step (for beginners)

Glue on false eyelashes: instructions step by step (for beginners)

Today, we have a guest post with introductions about how to apply your false eyelashes from speyelash. Let’s read their tips for the beginners:

Step 1: shape eyelashes

The first thing you do with an eyelash curler is to give your natural and unpainted false eyelashes more momentum. If you preheat the tongs with a hairdryer beforehand, the eyelashes can be shaped more easily. Professionals already apply artificial eyelashes to the painted eye. However, since beginners still need some practice when glueing eyelashes at the beginning, it is recommended to apply eyeshadow & co. Only at the end.

Step 2: adjust false eyelashes

Now use tweezers to carefully remove the false eyelashes from the box. Always grab false eyelashes by the lash line so that you don’t accidentally tear off any of the hairs. Now test the artificial eyelashes at the desired location and then trim excess eyelash hair or length to the desired length with scissors.

Step 3: Apply false eyelashes with glue

Then apply a thin layer of eyelash glue to the underside of the lash line and let it dry slightly while blowing. When it comes to eyelash glue: less is more. Too much even holds worse and ensures an unclean result. When it comes to glue, it is also not recommended to save money, cheap glue is usually less skin-friendly and resistant.

Step 4: Apply false eyelashes

Now comes the most difficult, but also the most important step. Take your time. Tilt your head slightly backwards and start pressing the false eyelashes from the middle of the eye as close as possible above the natural lash line. Do not despair if it does not work the first time, several attempts until you have found the optimal place are completely normal at the beginning. When you are satisfied with the position of the artificial eyelashes, gently press them down with your fingers or a cut cotton swab. Remove excess eyelash glue with the soft side of the cotton swab. Important: Keep your eyes closed for two to three minutes until the glue is dry.

Step 4: naturally thicken the lash line

The eyelash glue is completely dry after two to three minutes. Thicken the base of your artificial and natural eyelashes with an eyeliner. If you have practice in this, you can achieve the best result with liquid kohl or gel eyeliner. For the cat’s eye effect, apply the eyeliner a little thicker and pull upwards at the end.

Step 5: apply eyelashes

Now you can apply your eyelashes as usual. Professionals recommend volume mascara. Combing the real and false eyelashes together will give you a more natural result. An eyelash brush helps with lumps. Now repeat the procedure for the second eye.

You can also try false eyelash extensions.

Remove false eyelashes

Soak a cotton pad in liquid makeup remover or baby oil and dab the lash line well with it. Allow the makeup remover to take effect before you gently pull off the artificial eyelashes, starting at the inner corner of the eye. Artificial eyelashes can be used more often if you carefully clean them with alcohol after removing them.


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